Je travaille avec des parents occupés, aimants et intelligents qui aiment leur enfant à la folie tout comme vous !

Mais ce qui les rend vraiment dingues, c’est le manque de sommeil : puisque leur enfant ne veut pas dormir, eux non plus ne dorment pas.

Vous n’auriez jamais cru que ce manque de sommeil vous ferait perdre l’esprit ! Dormir est la seule chose dont vous rêvez en ce moment et le reste passe au second plan. Même faire l’amour est devenu secondaire !


Gone are the times of taking a feeble stab into the dark hoping that the next try will be the one that finally works.

My families tell me over and over how truly relieved they were to have someone at their side who, first of all knew exactly what they were talking about, 

because it is their job and who they could rely on and who was utterly able to understand what they were going through.I have been trained in looking at the whole picture and finding a whole range efficient solutions so that I can find the right one for your family. I am also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and I am currently being trained in Infant Mental Health by the Child Sleep Institute and Department of Psychology of the Hospital of the Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

I am also a contributor for Kidshealth Australia.


I am not guessing or using "googled" advice, I actually really know what I am talking about and have proven it time and time again with happy families all over the globe. It is also highly important to me that none of my families EVER feel judged by me because I completely understand that every family’s experiences are unique with individual values and beliefs.

It is highly important to me that none of my families ever feel judged by me. I completely understand that every family’s experiences are unique with individual values and beliefs.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was flooded by advice, opinions and stereotypes, especially regarding sleep.

But most of all I was intimidated by phrases, such as "Good luck on not getting any sleep for the next year…" I mean why do people think that is funny? To me it was terrifying and so I decided to take the offence and do something about it and I educated myself successfully. But the more I got to know other families with children the more I realized that the struggle is real! And there are so many isolated warrior parents out there, trudging and pulling themselves through each day with a tired family in tow who isn’t getting enough rest.  


So I decided to stop my teaching career and do something that I am passionate about and know is actually literally rescuing families! The new memories they are creating now by being well-rested, happy and full of energy are invaluable! And I am mighty proud each time I am part of their journey to achieve that! 

If you and your family are not getting enough rest and struggling to make it through the day then find out how I can help you to put a stop to this miserable and exhausting life and create a happy and powerful one.

Are you ready to wave your sleepless nights good-bye?

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