Do you:

Feel like like a failure as a mother

because you just cannot figure this sleep thing out?

Find yourself avoiding your friends

because all of their babies have all started to magically sleep through the night?

Feel like you will not have an issue

murdering the next person who wakes your baby up…

Feel hungover

but without the drink?

Curse all the advice you ever got

because none of it freaking works with this baby!

Feel frustrated with your paediatrician

Because he can’t tell you anything apart from that you have a perfectly healthy baby?

Feel guilty because you are starting to

understand those parents who shook their babies?

Want to secretly stab your husband 

because he can sleep at night?


Do you feel scared that this will never end and that you will be off in a slow boat to anywhere?

It doesn't matter whether you have a full-time nanny, an au pair, or a relative (thank you Mom!)

who comes in and helps you from time to time, the frustration of getting your baby to sleep spans lifestyles, cultures, and incomes. While some people fantasize about fabulous trips, shopping sprees, and relaxing days on the, you just want to have the luxury of peaceful nights and restful sleep.


Imagine how it will feel when you can cradle your little person just one more time in your arms, smell that lovely baby smell, put her down, give her one more kiss good-night and take a loving look...and then just slowly walk out the room, moving on to whatever the evening or afternoon still has in store for you...or just have a nap or quiet time for yourself!

What if you could finally sleep through the night? What if you could:

  • Wake up naturally and not by your little one’s cries at night?
  • Actually just put your child down and go out, have a glass of champagne with your friends and not worry!
  • Finally go shopping again without breaking down in tears because your reflection in the mirror looks utterly shitty?
  • What if you didn’t have to feel guilty because you delegated this off to the nanny again because you have to be somehow rested for your job?
  • Get all of these results on your terms without being judged?

You are a great parent!


Having you just inquiring about how to improve your family’s health and life is already demonstrating that but if you have already tried everything from books, google results and in person advice or if you are just too exhausted to even find the energy to research then you need help from an expert!

When working together you will:

  • first and foremost be able to sleep again! Yaaaaayyy *fireworks*
  • see how your child’s sleep and mood will improve in just a few days (yes DAYS!)
  • witness how your whole family will start to blossom again and enjoy each other fully and effortlessly
  • find time for yourself again to have your nails done, get a massage or just a cup of tea whilst watching your favourite TV show on Netflix
  • Be able to work out again or meet your friends to catch up over a delicious cocktail having a laugh and not worrying about your little one waking up and creating havoc at home
  • Deliver amazing results at work again, proving that it is absolutely possible to have a career, children and be a loving mum at the same time
  • Figure out what actually suits YOU and not google or forums or your bffs

What we will do is get you some sleep and make you feel human again! We will:

  • Find a way to implement those changes that suits your parenting style. You are the boss, no matter if you can’t take any crying at all or whether that isn’t something you are that worried about.
  • Work closely with each other over the next couple of weeks, with you getting daily access to me personally, so that you will never have to struggle or second guess yourself during your venture of reaching your sleep goals and have a guaranteed success!
  • Look at every aspect of your little one’s environment and rhythm to find out why your little one has issues sleeping well so that you can truly understand why we will make some changes and why they will work.

"Frida didn't want to sleep in her bed anymore and getting her to sleep was a very lengthy and troublesome process. She woke up often at nighttime, 2-4 times a night and then it was also difficult to get her back to sleep. I was clearly suffering from the lack of sleep and not having slept through the nights the whole process of getting her to sleep was very stressful for me because I knew that it would take ages.

I was very insecure which was actually the heart of the matter. I felt overwhelmed and alone with the Situation. I needed help from an external, neutral person with experience and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed he daily phone calls in the first phase. The exchange and reassurance in this phase of change was extremely important for me an empowering. Christine has a way of fostering trust, she is open, helpful and understanding.

My verdict: DO IT! Everyone has to decide for himself, but if you are a nervous wreck, then it is definitely worth trying. The worst that can happen is that nothing changes or everything changes. My family's quality of life has improved tremendously. Worth every penny! I also realised through our work together how well my daughter reacts to structure and so I applied it to our daily activities. I'd recommend it to everyone who has children and who considers bedtime as difficult or who has children that aren't well balanced."

2 year old Frida’s mum

You can stop these sleepless night right now by taking the first step and booking your  Free Evaluation today!

Instead of months or even years you can help your family within days!

I have worked with families all over the world and time and time again they were ecstatic about how quickly we managed to not only change their child’s life but their whole family’s well being! Everyone is feeling so much better, as if someone had lifted bags of cement from their bodies and minds.

“You helped us in a very efficient way to organise his daily rhythm with small changes. The plan you set up for Noah was exactly what we'd been looking for. We were surprised at how quickly his sleep improved through this.”— The Thoma Family 

If you and your family are not getting enough rest and struggling to make it through the day, book your spot to work with me today.

Before our consultation

You will be sent a detailed questionnaire, so that I can get to know you and your family, which will allow me to present you with a whole range of No-Cry Solutions and then if you choose to do so, a more active approach which guarantees results within days.

During our consultation

I will walk you through each point step by step so that you will be absolutely clear how your tailored plan is going to work and to make adjustments if possible and of course to ask me questions to you heart’s content.

Two weeks of support

You will receive 2 weeks of support, in the shape of 7 phone calls and daily email access so that you will not be alone in this and that you aren’t tempted to slip back into old habits and don’t have to second guess yourself. What kind of book is giving you a call in the morning to see how it can help?

This investment in your child, yourself and your whole family and surrounding is $599/549€

half night stay until midnight available for an extra $500 

whole night stay from 6pm until 6 am available for an extra $1500

You will sleep again!

Every single second and experience from having your favourite meal to taking a shower (because you will actually have time to do that whilst your baby is napping) will become better, easier and more purposeful. How invaluable is that?


My families tell me over and over how truly relieved they were to have someone at their side who they could rely on and who was utterly able to understand what they were going through. You don’t have to do this alone and it works!


I am looking forward to seeing your family blossom again.

Exhausted and severely sleep deprived  juggling 15 month old twins and a 5 year old daughter (with a handicap) I felt helpless, grumpy and at a loss of ideas on how to fix the situation. Some nights I would get 1 hour of sleep between the 3 of them and then have to continue my daily routine day after day feeling like a zombie :( Our paediatrician suggested we consult with Sleep like a Baby to seek advice on how to resolve our sleepless nights. With Christine’s support and schedule she set up for the twins we had them sleeping through the night in the same room from 18.30 – 7.30 in the morning within 3 days without much heartbreak or fuss. The energy level in our family has picked up allowing us to have more fun and in general not being irritable and grumpy.

Scheidweiler Family – Abby 6, Evie & Emeli 20 months

We were very happy with the Sleep like a baby program. We had not really found the right rhythm for our 9 months old baby, making the night sleeping as well as the daytime naps quite challenging. She had only short daytime naps, and often woke up at night. However, after just a couple of days with Christine Hansen's program, we noticed remarkable improvements. Our baby became a lot more confident and was able to fall asleep on her own. Now she sleeps peacefully throughout the night. Her daytime naps have also improved a lot.

The Reinholdtsen Family – Linnea, 9 months old

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