You are expecting! Congratulations!

Pregnancy is truly a mind-blowing experience.

Are you a little bit envious of those women who just feel like they were born for this and that they got it? They seem to be so certain that they will know exactly what to once their baby is there and it will be all just natural for them.

Do you feel like having a slight panic attack when you imagine yourself not ever getting enough sleep again? (Don't worry: I've been there and let me tell you: those feelings are absolutely ok!)

Or maybe your baby is already here and you wonder how on earth you forgot that there would be a life after giving birth? 

How come that you don't have a single clue about baby sleep?

Or maybe you already have children and you can barely remember the first months because you were just sleep walking through that time, barely being able to think.

You know what? I understand!


And that is exactly why I have created this offer for you.

* You will get to know everything you need about newborn neurology in a manner that is not gibberish, patronising or show-offish. I will explain the most important information you need to know to understand your new little person better and help him to cope with all of these new impressions that are awaiting him.

* You will learn about the 4 core temperaments that our babies are born with and how to cater for them, so that you can support your baby the best way possible.

* You will be let in on my most treasured tricks of the trade that I have developed through working with dozens of families and that I have seen working their magic again and again.

And there is more...

Christine Hansen Friendly Small

You will get an exclusive 60 minute consultation with me in person or via Skype if you are internationally based. You will also receive continuous support (up to 7 emails) until your baby reaches his 4 month-birthday.


You will receive a detailed nursery evaluation, or wherever your newborn will sleep if you decide to co-sleep, so that you create the perfect environment to favour great sleep habits.

ebook 3d newborn

You will receive my exclusive Ebook that you can start reading straight away and that will guide you through any challenge you might face.

All of this will help you to set the perfect stage to help your newborn develop great sleeping habits so that he can thrive to his full potential and that you can enjoy every single moment of that precious time together when they seem to be growing and changing on a daily basis.

This has nothing to do with sleep training.

These are simple yet efficient tweaks to your daily lives that will guide your baby to settle into a great rhythm step by step and naturally start sleeping like a champion.

So, are you ready to experience the best possible first 3 months with your baby?

You can receive all of these nuggets for $150/130€, either for yourself, your best friend or your maybe your grandchild?

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