You love your child but not being able to get you to sleep makes you feel like a failure as a mother. 

Everyone else’s babies are sleeping and you feel like there is something wrong with you! You have tried everything and you feel there is just no way out. You feel like you are going to smack the next person who’s going to try to give you advice in the face...with a chair! When you do get a second of quiet time you spend it googling up all kinds of horror stories instead of sleeping or enjoying time with your family. Everyone seems to have it worked out but you.

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like you are a horrible parent

because you have seriously considered taking the slow boat to China just to get away from this screaming baby and to get some sleep?

Do you find yourself avoiding your friends

because all of their babies have all started to magically sleep through the night? Or feel like you will not have an issue murdering the next person who wakes your baby up…

Are you frustrated with your paediatrician

Because he can’t tell you anything apart from that you have a perfectly healthy baby? Or curse all the advice you ever got because none of it freaking works with this baby!

Do you feel guilty

because you are starting to understand those parents who shook their babies? Do you want to secretly stab your husband because he can sleep at night?

I understand. You are not alone. I work with busy, loving and smart parents like you, who love their child to bits! The only problem is that they are going completely mental because they just want to sleep!

You would never, ever have thought that this lack of sleep would make you feel like you are losing your mind! 

You would choose sleep over any other activity in a day, and yes, having sex included! Together we will get you sleep! We will find a solution which you will feel completely comfortable with and  that works! Come wine o’clock, you can simply enjoy that fine glass of vino, relax, get a manicure or your hair done, watch TV, meet friends, go shopping: the world’s your oyster (again)!

A unique family requires unique solutions.

You’ve read articles, googled your eyes out and were given tons of well-meant amateur advice but nothing seems to suit your family and most of all: you do not want to be responsible for you baby’s crying and distress.

I understand and that is why I have created this option for you.

Getting a whole choice of no-cry solutions

you can implement straight away so that you don’t feel powerless anymore.

Getting answers

as to why your little peanut is having issues sleeping at night so that you don’t have to wonder anymore whether it is hunger, cold, hot, mattress...

Being free to share

whatever is on your mind regarding your situation to someone who has seen and heard it all and who is NOT going to judge you or pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.

All of this for: $100/92€ *ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 0-6 MONTHS & VIA PHONE

This is exactly what you will get when you sign up:

No-Cry Solution Consultation

During this 45-minute phone or video session, I will get to know every detail of your situation and will then present you with my solutions for you step by step so that you know exactly what to do and how to proceed.

Continued Support

As you implement the suggestions you were given you can get back to me with 2 follow-up emails asking any questions about whatever challenges or questions may arise. By signing up for the No-Cry Solutions Session, you’ll know how to manage your little person’s day and night better. You’ll have concrete solutions to put into place and can witness how your whole life will gradually change as you wake up less and live more.

We were recommended Christine Hansen by a couple we have known for a pretty long time; two devoted and loving parents, - just like us. Apparently their two children were having sleeping problems. After they've met Christine, their children literally slept like they should do, - like babies do. After our own sleepless nights with our 8 month old baby, who wasn't sleeping very well at night, neither during the day in her bed (only in the car or in the buggy), we decided to give it a try; - and it was worth every euro. It wasn't as if we were doing everything wrong or that we didn't care; in fact, it was the opposite, we cared a lot, read many books or guides about sleep (which were not bad at all), but they had one thing in common: there was a lot of good advice, but they weren't written especially for us, for our personal situation. Christine did care about our own situation; and finally pointed out, small but important things to change in our daily behaviour, our daily habits. Only a few days later, our girl slept like a baby, at night and during the day in her bed. I'll guess, I stick with a famous singer's words: "it's a kind of magic".
Laura 8 months old, Nadine a Christian Krier

When Christine came to see us Max was 3 months old. We spend all of our evening trying to get him to sleep and sometimes it took us up to 3 hours to do so. It was exremely exhausting and we were worrying a lot. During the day he barely slept and if he did it was just for 30 minutes. He was tired all day long and not well-balanced.

Through Christine we learned how to create a daily rhythm, which is now helping Max to have 2 to 3 naps during the day that very often last up to 2 hours. In the evening he falls asleep without any trouble, it only takes 10 minutes and he's fast asleep (no matter who is putting him down). Through Christine Max is much more balanced and when he is awake we can truly enjoy our time together :)

The Friedrich Family and Max (now 5 months old)

My priority is you and your unique family!

I am an advocate for individuality and exclusively tailored solutions. I know that every family has their own values, dealbreakers and preferences and I work with whatever yours are. I do so without judging and without pressuring you. You call the shots.  

It is difficult enough to deal with everyday-life when you are sleep deprived, you don’t need one more person in your life who is trying to push you into a corner with well-meant but amateur advice. If you and your family are not getting enough rest and are struggling to make it through the day, book your spot to work with me today.

Investment: $100/92€. Ready to get started?