Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my families say:

We were recommended Christine Hansen by a couple we have known for a pretty long time; two devoted and loving parents, - just like us. Apparently their two children were having sleeping problems. After they've met Christine, their children literally slept like they should do, - like babies do. After our own sleepless nights with our 8 month old baby, who wasn't sleeping very well at night, neither during the day in her bed (only in the car or in the buggy), we decided to give it a try; - and it was worth every euro. It wasn't as if we were doing everything wrong or that we didn't care; in fact, it was the opposite, we cared a lot, read many books or guides about sleep (which were not bad at all), but they had one thing in common: there was a lot of good advice, but they weren't written especially for us, for our personal situation. Christine did care about our own situation; and finally pointed out, small but important things to change in our daily behaviour, our daily habits. Only a few days later, our girl slept like a baby, at night and during the day in her bed. I'll guess, I stick with a famous singer's words: "it's a kind of magic".
Laura 8 months old, Nadine a Christian Krier

When Christine came to see us Max was 3 months old. We spend all of our evening trying to get him to sleep and sometimes it took us up to 3 hours to do so. It was exremely exhausting and we were worrying a lot. During the day he barely slept and if he did it was just for 30 minutes. He was tired all day long and not well-balanced.

Through Christine we learned how to create a daily rhythm, which is now helping Max to have 2 to 3 naps during the day that very often last up to 2 hours. In the evening he falls asleep without any trouble, it only takes 10 minutes and he's fast asleep (no matter who is putting him down). Through Christine Max is much more balanced and when he is awake we can truly enjoy our time together :)

The Friedrich Family and Max (now 5 months old)

We called Christine because we were at our wits end. Our Lily had stopped sleeping through the night ever since she started daycare and her naps during the day were not good either. I immediately felt understood an we were presented with methods that would help Lily learn to fall asleep independently. After 3 nights Lily slept through the night and ever since she's become a real sleepyhead, because now her naps are great too. We are ecstatic and we're wondering why we didn't write to Christine earlier on. We can highly recommend her!

Lily’s Parents (14 months old)
Well, I just have to say that Christine Hansen helped me make $10,000 in February. How? My 4 year old son was not sleeping. A chronic problem since he was 2.5 and in his own bed. I tried a lot of things, but it wasn't until this superstar expert swooped in and gave me a couple of age-appropriate tips to get the little guy to sleep. How did that help me make money? I was too exhausted to even think about spending time on my business. I was groggy, sleep deprived and cranky. After 5 straight days of no sleep all night long and extremely early wake-ups (4am!!!) I was toast. After Christine's session, my child was sleeping through the night (and has been ever since) within 2 days which means I got to sleep again and had energy to put back into my business...and hence made money that month. Definitely worth booking her to help with your child's sleep issues if you want immediate and permanent results.
The Young Family – Mason 5 years old
Our daughter Betty was 2 when we asked Mrs Hansen for help. Betty didn't have an issues falling asleep but she'd wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and she wouldn't calm down until she'd come to bed with us. But even there she'd mostly climb and jump around rather than sleep but at least she woudn't scream. Yet as still weren't sleeping all night we decided to ask Mrs Hansen for advice.  She developed an individual sleep plan for Betty and she made suggestions on how we could prepare her better for night time. In our two weeks of working together Betty only acted out once. But because we prepared we managed to keep her in her own bed. She has been sleeping through the night ever since. We even managed the time change without any issues. We are happy that we ourselves are finally getting sleep and quiet time and to have a child who is in a great mood in the morning instead of starting the day being tired.
The Levy Family – Betty, 2 years old

Exhausted and severely sleep deprived  juggling 15 month old twins and a 5 year old daughter (with a handicap) I felt helpless, grumpy and at a loss of ideas on how to fix the situation. Some nights I would get 1 hour of sleep between the 3 of them and then have to continue my daily routine day after day feeling like a zombie :( Our paediatrician suggested we consult with Sleep like a Baby to seek advice on how to resolve our sleepless nights. With Christine’s support and schedule she set up for the twins we had them sleeping through the night in the same room from 18.30 – 7.30 in the morning within 3 days without much heartbreak or fuss. The energy level in our family has picked up allowing us to have more fun and in general not being irritable and grumpy.

Scheidweiler Family – Abby 6, Evie & Emeli 20 months

We were very happy with the Sleep like a baby program. We had not really found the right rhythm for our 9 months old baby, making the night sleeping as well as the daytime naps quite challenging. She had only short daytime naps, and often woke up at night. However, after just a couple of days with Christine Hansen's program, we noticed remarkable improvements. Our baby became a lot more confident and was able to fall asleep on her own. Now she sleeps peacefully throughout the night. Her daytime naps have also improved a lot.

The Reinholdtsen Family – Linnea, 9 months old
I got in touch with Christine even before Jim was born because I was interested in the topic of babysleep. We had a day vs night rhythm and small rituals for Jim from day one. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense at the beginning an it is a bit chaotic because your baby first has to get to know everything new. But we kept at it. It is surprising how quickly Jim got used to his rhythm. Now that he is 3 months old we put him down at certain times (more or less, you've got to have a bot of flexibility;) ) and he is sleeping really well.
The Gansen Family- Jim, Newborn
We are happy to have got in touch because of Noah's sleep. You helped us in a very efficient way to organise his daily rhythm with small changes. The plan you set up for Noah was exactly what we'd been looking for. We were surprised at how quickly his sleep improved through this. We would definitely recommend your services:-) Thank you very much,
The Thoma Family

I was constantly overly tired at work and had to pass on a lot of important tasks and delegate them to a colleague as I was just not up to it. I tried sleeping every spare minute because my health was suffering due to the stressful situation with Jules. Because of the sleep deprivation my immune system was very weak and my Borreliosis was therefore doing considerable harm. Even though he doesn't sleep through the night every night he falls asleep much, much easier and all the good advice is helping me to be much calmer and to be more positive about it. Christine shows compassion and you finally feel understood as a mom. I would recommend her immediately. No matter what there will be an improvement

Jules & me 1
The Hoffmann Family: Jules,15 months

"Frida didn't want to sleep in her bed anymore and getting her to sleep was a very lengthy and troublesome process. She woke up often at nighttime, 2-4 times a night and then it was also difficult to get her back to sleep. I was clearly suffering from the lack of sleep and not having slept through the nights the whole process of getting her to sleep was very stressful for me because I knew that it would take ages.

I was very insecure which was actually the heart of the matter. I felt overwhelmed and alone with the Situation. I needed help from an external, neutral person with experience and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed he daily phone calls in the first phase. The exchange and reassurance in this phase of change was extremely important for me an empowering. Christine has a way of fostering trust, she is open, helpful and understanding.

My verdict: DO IT! Everyone has to decide for himself, but if you are a nervous wreck, then it is definitely worth trying. The worst that can happen is that nothing changes or everything changes. My family's quality of life has improved tremendously. Worth every penny! I also realised through our work together how well my daughter reacts to structure and so I applied it to our daily activities. I'd recommend it to everyone who has children and who considers bedtime as difficult or who has children that aren't well balanced."

2 year old Frida’s mum

"Our child had a lot of difficulties finding his way to fall asleep. It often took a very long time, even when he was being carried around in our arms. Once he finally fell asleep, he would often wake up (every 30 minutes for hours on end) and it would always take a while to get him to fall back asleep. Our child’s sleep was suddenly our most discussed topic and it started to strain our relationship too. That is why we decided to get in touch with Christine and we are very happy about having taken this decision.

Our little one is sleeping on his own in his bed and if he awakes during the night he is able to fall asleep on his own again. He is just as happy as before if not even more balanced than previously. A further benefit, which we hadn't really expected, is that we have much more time for ourselves again. We especially appreciated the direct feedback (via phone or email) and the personal support and direct contact (a book can't answer any questions). It is also important to know that this is a gradual, progressive and not radical method. We would recommend this to any family who have a child having difficulties falling asleep and not sleeping through the night"

The Konzem Family: Jim, 5 months old

"When we started working with Christine our son was 9 months old and waking up every 2 hours to be nursed at night. Right from the first day of applying her method, he slept 12 hours through the night. From 7 o’clock in the evening until 7 o’clock in the morning. What helped me most was that I always knew that someone was available whenever any issues would arise. An advantage, which we became aware of at a later point, was that I had much more time for myself again, because Mil is sleeping much more regularly. I’d recommend Christine to anyone who also doesn’t get his own healthy sleep because of his children over a longer period of time!"

The Godart Family: Mil, 9 months old

Since we worked with Christine Hansen our son isn't calling us throughout the night anymore, as he did previously. Before he used to call us 3-4 times a night and couldn't get any consolidated sleep. Our 1 year old son adapted to the whole new method really easily and we think that he will stick with it because he has figured out himself how easy sleeping can be. We especially appreciated Christine's warmth and her true interest in the children. Moreover, there isn't any witchcraft or spell casting involved but everything is based on common sense and it isn't unnatural or taking ages and ages. Plus the child is always the focus and taken care of. She simply provides a certain security. Going to sleep is suddenly so much easier and the children are definitely in a better mood when getting up in the morning.

The Gaspar Family: Jo, 13 months old
It was difficult to handle a situation like this on your own without having an objective outsider's view and control and support over a few weeks. Because we had to really look at what we did each day and given some advice on what was good or what we could change it was much easier to stay on track as if we'd just used a book without any personal feedback. There were times where were insecure whether this was the right option and whether we'd ever reach our goal. Without Christine's feedback I might have given up. I would really recommend it to anyone who doesn't know how to help their child to fall and stay asleep.
The Arnold Family: Jules, 4 months old

"We saw how much Cléo was suffering from being sleep deprived and we just didn't know how else we could help her. What we liked best about working with Christine was her availability and her patience to answer every question. We were absolutely happy with her work! Other families should definitely go for it. Because it really helps the whole family!"

The Jacobs Family: Cléo, 4 months old
We booked an appointment with Christine after our daughter hadn't slept through one single night for 15 months. In average our daughter woke up every 2 hours and needed her mum to get her back to sleep. Christine showed me a method, which allowed my daughter to settle into sleep on her own, without letting her cry or even alone. It was really important to me that she learned to sleep on her own but without feeling abandoned by her mother. I am very happy that those sleepless night now belong to history and I regret not having sought out her help earlier on.    
The Müller Family: Romi, 15 months old

"It confirmed our approach and made us aware of what we had to pay attention to in order to help our little one to learn how to sleep well. I learned in detail about children’s sleep and how it develops in the first weeks. I would recommend Christine’s consultations because they don’t take too much of your time yet are very informative."

The Meyers Family: Maurice, 1 month old